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Country Stitches, East Lansing/Jackson, MI

2024 Brown Bag Mystery: Piece of Cake - Kit #6

2024 Brown Bag Mystery: Piece of Cake - Kit #6

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It's a true mystery! You won’t know the pattern or the rest of the fabrics until you open your bag! Choose your bag based on the "Feature Fabric" shown in the picture. The rest of the fabrics will coordinate with this fabric. A kit will make a quilt top approx. 60"x70". Optional 3 yard border available to make your quilt larger.

Choose the "Feature Fabric" you like best to order your kit.  Starting Saturday March 16th, the first “clue” will be mailed or you can pick it up at either CS location. Every two weeks another "clue" with instructions for making the quilt will be released and mailed. The clue will also be revealed on the Private Facebook group.


  • After you purchase your kit or kits join the Private Facebook group - 24BBMystery- hosted by Karen Montgomery, the pattern designer. The private Facebook group will open on February 10th, 2024.
  • The Private Facebook group is a great place to share your progress with the rest of the group as well as show off other projects you are working on.
  • Mystery Borders are available for all Brown Bag Kits.  The fabric will complement the fabrics in the kit. Approx. size of the kit and border is 60" x 70"
  • Optional but very helpful rulers: Multi Size 45/90 Triangle and 6.5"x2.5" rulers are not required but would make this project much easier and faster. Ship free with purchase of any Brown Bag kit! 
  • Don't wait! There are limited quantities for each fabric.
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